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Brandi Thorne, Certified Professional Midwife, and Kathy Brace, Midwife Practitioner, have more than 30 years of combined experience.  They practice Traditional Midwifery and offer home births, water births, VBAC’S and more. They provide education and direction to families who desire evidence based care.

Brandi Thorne and Kathy Brace

“The midwife herselfe shall sit before the labouring woman, and shall diligently observe and waite, how much, and after what means the child stireth itselfe, . . .

“Also the midwife must instruct and comfort the party, not only refreshing her with good meate and drinks, but also with sweet words. . . “

From a German Midwifery Text
Published in 1513


It is our belief that pregnancy is not a disease, ailment, or deformity, but a natural function of women and a very special time when God forms another human being. Because of this, we are committed to helping mothers give birth naturally wherever they choose to have their baby. Please feel free to roam our FVM site and check out some of the helpful resources or send us a message from our contact page.

Our mission: To serve, support & assist couples in having a birth that is God-honoring, responsible, non-intrusive, natural and safe.

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