1. Informed Decisions – As you begin care with Fruitful Vine Midwives, you will be given opportunities to discuss options for a wide variety of prenatal screening and tests that are currently available through the standard medical maternity model of care. Our goal is to partner with you as you navigate all the information you need to make an informed decision that makes sense or is appropriate for you and your baby.
  2. Trimester Newsletter – You will be given an email for each trimester that includes very important information that you need to read. Bring any questions you may have about the information to your next visit.
  3. Prenatal Appointments – We highly encourage husbands to accompany their wives for prenatal visits as often as possible, and that all prenatal appointments be kept in a timely manner. If changes need to be made, please give as much advanced notice as possible. If we are at a birth, we will call and reschedule your appointment. We appreciate your flexibility!Because we are unable to provide child care, we ask that you bring someone along who will be responsible to watch your younger children needing extra attention during the visit. For those children who are old enough to sit or play quietly, supervision is not necessary. If your children need further attention in this area, please make other arrangements for them.Due to the likelihood of newborns being in the office at the time of your visit, please call and reschedule if you or the children that you will be bringing with you are ill in any way. Newborns are highly susceptible and could become seriously ill.
  4. Exercise and Nutrition – Faithful exercise and proper nutrition are vital to a healthy pregnancy, birth, and recovery. Walking 3-5 miles four to five days per week will greatly improve your chances of having a vaginal delivery and will increase your pain tolerance. Eating right reduces complications and improves your overall health. For those who are currently vegetarian or have special dietary needs, please let us know so we can work together for a healthy pregnancy.Prenatal vitamins are essential along with healthy eating. As special needs arise, we may recommend taking additional vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs, all of which you can purchase at an online dispensary.
  5. Birth Supplies – A complete list of birth supplies will be provided. All of these items need to be prepared and together for the home visit, occurring around the 36th week. This includes the birth kit, which you will need to purchase from In His Hands. We will give you instructions on this as the time draws near.
  6. Harmful Substances – Due to the increased risks to both mother and baby, we do not accept clients who smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke on a regular basis. We will provide you with a list of additional substances that are dangerous during your pregnancy. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask.