Brandi Thorne

I’m a 7th generation midwife. I practice traditional midwifery as a Certified Professional Midwife in Wichita, KS and I have 4 children. My journey into the birthing world began when I attended my first birth at age 18. I started assisting my mother at home births and became a childbirth educator for 10 years. By the time I got married, I had attended over 300 births. After my first son was born, I took a break from assisting others in birth to focus on raising my own family. In 2013, after my children were older and more independent, I began pursuing my interest in midwifery work. Being trained by my mother and working with her has been the greatest experience!

Birth is a natural function God designed for women and is highly spiritual. Pregnancy is not a disease or sickness, but a very special time when God forms another human being. Pain is an inevitable part of childbirth, yet much can be done to ease suffering. Birth is one of the most memorable events a couple will ever experience and they should be encouraged to ask questions and express their wishes or concerns. A child’s birthday should be one of the best days in a mother’s life.
My passion lies in assisting couples in having a birth that is responsible, non-intrusive, natural, and safe. The essence of my calling is to help women give birth in awareness and to have complete confidence in their decisions, even if an epidural, C-section, or other intervention is needed.
I’ve had one hospital birth (this was my first baby and we transported from a home birth), one home birth, and two hydro births at home.
Nature, birding, hiking, mountain biking and coffee.
Kathy Brace

I am a retired Midwife Practitioner with more than 30 years experience assisting in out-of-hospital births in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding area. I was the Director of a nationally accredited midwifery school for 12 years. Though I have retired and no longer take the primary role as midwife, I love being able to use my years of experience in assisting my daughter when needed. I have assisted at over 2,500 births and am committed to helping families have a safe, natural, God-honoring birthing experiences. After all, I’m a 5th generation midwife on one side of my family, a 6th generation midwife on the other side. Why retire when you love what you do? It’s in my blood; I must continue!

God has blessed me with 5 children and 18 grandchildren, 11 of whom I’ve had the privilege of assisting at their births. In Feb 2020 I caught my first great grandchild.

My desire to help others through their childbirth experience stems largely from the traumatic events surrounding the birth of my first child (read more about it in my book, Born to Deliver). I am also passionate about leading women and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to approach childbirth from a biblical perspective. Every philosophy, method, and idea must be filtered through the grid of Scripture to determine whether it is true.
God has blessed me with 4 children and 14 grandchildren, 11 of whom I’ve had the privilege of assisting at their births. I enjoy time with family, gardening, and traveling. Yes! I am known as the crazy plant lady.
Born To Deliver by Kathy Brace with Natalie Wickham

This is the story of my life and how God redeemed me from a life of hopelessness to usefulness.
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Taking our Mother’s & Grandmother’s Skill, Knowledge, & Love For Birth To The Next Generation

This is Susannah Lumley, Brandi’s great, great, great grandmother. She was born March 2, early 1820’s and died February 20, 1879. She traveled to births via horse and buggy.

This is Bertha Eileen Plunk, Brandi’s great, great grandmother. She was a horse & buggy midwife from the deep hills of Tennessee.

This is Brandi’s great grandmother, Martha Beatrice Pritchett, better known as ‘Granny.’ She once said, “Families in and around Finley would call on me to help the doctor deliver their baby. A family began calling me ‘Granny’ and everyone took it up and never knew my real name. My mother (not pictured) delivered babies before me, I just followed in her footsteps. I would look after every baby for about 3 days.” Granny was the community Midwife and Postpartum Doula of her day.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are Women of Faith

We believe in God’s design of birth. We steer away from New Age philosophies and instead utilize tools & techniques like aromatherapy, massage, tens unit, essential oils etc.

We believe in the Husband-Wife Team

We will not replace your partner. Birth is an emotional time and women are not the only ones on the roller coaster. It can be incredibly difficult for your husband to watch you doing the hard work of labor. We believe in the husband & wife making decisions together, laboring together, and birthing together.

Birth is in our Blood

Because our calling has been passed down through several generations, it is incredibly strong! Brandi is a 7th generation midwife. Our specialty is natural birth!

We aren't afraid of Interventions

Parents are often insecure about their options in childbirth. They sometimes fear being bullied by medical staff. Because of our extensive experience in natural birth, we know when it’s time to utilize hospital procedures. We will offer unwavering support and confidence when interventions are needed.

We have a desire to connect with women in childbirth

We are completely in our element when supporting a birthing couple.

Our Families support our Calling

Our families understand & back-up our calling to assist women in childbirth. Many of those closest to us are involved in birth in some way or another. We are incredibly blessed to have a supportive network.