We have been so blessed to have Brandi present for two of our home births. She was very supportive throughout labor and birth. She used aromatherapy oils and massaging pressure points and sore areas during labor, which was helpful for relaxation. She stayed nearby but did not hover and was sensitive to my needs as a laboring Mom. Brandi has a calm and gentle manner but also inspires confidence in her abilities to assist, and in my own ability to get through labor and birth. . . . Read More
Danielle Graves
Brandi has a marvelous way of reading your body language and interpreting what you are truly attempting to say during the craziness of labor. She was gentle and compassionate, yet appropriately confident. As transition came in labor. Brandi’s sweet words of encouragement and suggestions on positions and breathing techniques were superb. My labor was quite extended in length, and at one point I emotionally lost control. . . . Read More
Kristin JacksonKristin Jackson

During labor, Brandi made sure both Josh & I were taken care of. Having her there allowed Josh to have a few much needed breaks. Her sweet spirit is very comforting – which is the first thing we noticed about her and the main reason we wanted her at our birth. We look forward to having her at our future births if God gives us more children.

Fruitful Vine MidwivesJosh and Jessica Chippeaux

Brandi was with us during the birth of our 4th baby in our home. She was very knowledgeable in answering any questions that I had and was very sensitive to my previous birth experiences and how they were going to affect this birth. During the labor she was very helpful and continued to ask if anything was bothering me or if I needed things to change and was willing to speak up for me if I needed something different. As labor progressed Brandi was able to provide different techniques to try to help get me comfortable. Brandi has such a calm presence and is a great addition to any birth team. I highly recommend her assistance to anyone. You will be blessed by her presence!

Fruitful Vine MidwivesAmber Davis
Brandi is a knowledgeable and personable doula. Being my first birth, I appreciated her persistent guidance and encouragement with how to work with my body and what the different pains meant for my laboring progress Brandi has a tender personality – as seen in her patience with repeating herself to me when I failed to follow instructions for handling contractions. This tenderness is unconditional; she wasn’t deterred by my shouts or poor communication, and she reads people well so my unspoken needs were still met.. . . Read More
Emily Mohr

Brandi is very sweet, has a calming presence and is very knowledgeable. She spoke words of comfort throughout the process. When the birth was long and hard she was sensitive and thoughtful as she spoon-fed me cold liquids to help give me energy. I appreciated her presence and with all confidence recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Doula during pregnancy and birth.

Fruitful Vine MidwivesNellie Wisner
Brandi was present at all my five home births. She immediately knew what to do to calm my anxious and fearful spirit. As a deaf mom, Brandi was able to communicate clearly via sign language, an extremely vital and helpful skill, as I was completely deaf laboring in the birthing tub. I was amazed with her labor techniques & tools such as essential oils, pressure points, breathing patterns, and different positions. . . . Read More
Holli Davis