In our state, companies with the best reimbursement for midwifery services are usually the Christian Sharing Programs like Samaritans, Christian Health Ministries et al. These usually cover very well, depending on your deductible. We provide itemized statements for you to submit to your sharing program. We use a billing company to file insurance for a $100 filing fee.

We will provide a detailed Financial Agreement at your first appointment.

Basic Fee for Midwifery Services is $4600. This includes prenatal appointments, labor and delivery support, newborn exam, as well as postpartum appointments for mom and baby.

Discounts If you are paying out of pocket we offer an early-pay discount of $500 to non-first time moms and non VBAC birth moms.

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit due at your first visit.

Use of the birthing suite is $500

Nitrous Oxide is $250

  • We accept payments made by cash, check, money order, Flex Saving Accounts, or Quickbooks transfers.

Samaritan’s Ministries, Medishare and other similar cost sharing programs usually cover 100% for maternity & newborn care. We are happy to provide an itemized statement for you to seek reimbursement.

Private Insurance, We have a third party contractor we work with, and we can provide you with the information on how to request their services.

Routine ultrasound has become an expected component of prenatal care that many women desire. We will discuss with you the schedule for routine ultrasound. Though it is not a requirement, most women in our care decide to have at least one ultrasound, usually around 20 weeks. Sometimes there is a medical indication for an ultrasound exam. In this situation we will describe the concern and how ultrasound could be helpful. Again, we would refer to a local doctor where the ultrasound will be interpreted by a physician, with special attention to the issue that necessitated the referral.

While this happens rarely, it is not a problem for our practice. We have other midwives we work with for back-up. In the event that two women are laboring at the same time we will arrange to have at least one midwife you are familiar with and a trained labor assistant at your birth.

In order to give the best possible care to our birthing families, we have limited the number of births we take per month. It would be easy to feel rushed and unimportant if we are overbooked.

You will be offered most prenatal tests and screening currently available to pregnant women in the United States. For each test and/or screen you will be given information on the condition or disease being screened for, information about the test and/or screen itself, information to help understand the range of results and how the results may affect your care. You will then be able to make a decision about whether or not to do a particular test/screen. Tests we offer:

  • Initial OB panel which includes CBC, blood type, rH-, antibodies, rubella status, Hep B, RPR and HIV. Vitamin D3, STI (sextually transmitted infections) as indicated, ferritin, B12, and many others.
  • Ultrasounds: we have a bed-side ultrasound machine for determining fetal viability (getting a heartbeat), determining position in late pregnancy and a few other items. For extensive ultrasounds like anatomy and fetal well-being, we refer out to professional sonographers.
  • Rhogam injections can be given  at 28 weeks for prophylaxis for issoimmunization. This can be declined.  We also offer rhogam injections after delivery.
  • Gestational Diabetes screening. Yes! You can opt out of the usual glucola drink and can pick a more natural screening tool like the Fresh Test which is void of unnecessary additives and has only 3 natural ingredients.
  • Genetic screening. This is available but optional. Genetic screening is more reliable now than in the past with lower false positives. It is not offered to advise abortion, but to prepare and utilize resources available now. There are many support items available for babies with special needs. It can also be helpful in determining whether or not you want to proceed with a home or hospital birth.
  • Group B Strep screening. We provide extensive information, and a  holistic protocol for prevention, to help you do everything in your power to obtain a negative screen so that you can avoid taking antibiotics in labor.
  • Access to a naturally minded and pro-life OB doctor who consults with us and our clients as needed.

Your first delivery sets the stage for your future deliveries and since cesarean births are performed statistically more often in first-time moms, we are passionate about including them in our care. We know that cesareans are not always unavoidable, but with the right support the chances for vaginal birth increase significantly.

Many factors contribute to a woman’s perception of pain in labor. We find that with the continual support of skilled and familiar attendants, in a relaxed environment where a woman is at ease with her surroundings, a natural birth can be accomplished. We are able to offer a variety of methods to help women cope with the discomforts of labor including massage, hydrotherapy (including waterbirth), changes of position, bodywork. Research shows that walking 4-5 miles, 3-4 times per week reduces the need for an epidural. Some women have found nitrous oxide to be especially helpful. Nitrous oxide does not take away the pain, but it helps you to relax better and not care about the pain as much.